Mobile Birthday Party

  • Low and Big Wall set up

  • Low and Big walls for the mobile battlefield.
  • Basic Inflatables

Mobile Birthday

Battlefield Houston Walls

A Battlefield Houston Birthday Party Event is the great hands-free event for you.  You start with the base event party.  Starting at $299, your one hour event includes 12 participants and 8 default inflatables for the battlefield.

You can go to our online reservation system, choose the Birthday Party option starting at $299 and then add extra guests ($19.50 / each), additional time, and many other options shown below.   Each event includes a Battlefield Houston dogtag for each guest, and one 30-Minute Game Dogtag that a player can trade in for a free game at our indoor location.

We let you build your event to match your budget, your battlefield, and the number of guests that you would like to invite.

Birthday Party Pricing:

$299 - The baseline that all parties are built from.  ONE Hour of Laser Tag for 12 players and 8 of our default inflatables.  Includes our Battlefield Houston dogtag for each player, and one 30-Minute Free Game dogtag for the person of honor that can be traded in at our indoor location.  Each additional guest is $19.50.  Additional time is $125 / half-hour.
$399 - This event is the same as the above event, but switches out the default inflatables for our low walls inflatables.  This event is perfect if you have a lot of players or the age group is early teen.  If you already have a lot of natural coverage (trees, landscaping, etc), this size event may not be required.
$499 - The full inflatables battlefield.  This event includes everything in the $399, but also adds the high-walls to the event.  Placing 20 walls on the battlefield, this event is perfect for large groups, really open areas (such as parks) or newly landscaped yards.
Note: For ages 8+. Reserving per player not per gun. When reserving the event online, select the default $299 birthday party and add-on the type of inflatables and walls you would like.


Options for your Battlefield


So many options, Battlefield Houston has the add-ons for your next event!  These options are available in the online reservation system after selecting your date and time of your event.

mobile birthday events houston

Default Inflatables

Our default inflatables are included with our $299 event.  These can be upgraded for an additional fee to low walls, or low/high walls. (Included in $299 event)

mobile birthday events houston

Party Bags

Party bags can save you time! They include 7 items.  The contents can vary based on inventory, but usually include camo playing cards, camo pencil, sticky hand, US temp tattoo, ball, water gun, camo notepad. $3.99 each.





mobile birthday events houston

Low Walls

Low Walls can be used at your event for just $100.  This puts 10 of our stone looking walls on your battlefield. $100  
mobile birthday events houston

Low and High Walls

Low and High walls can be added to your battlefield for $200.  This puts over 20 stone looking walls on your battlefield.  $200
mobile birthday events houston


Dogtags: Authentic metal customized dog tags for your event.  Generic Battlefield Houston tags are $3 each.  Customized tags are $5 each. (Order Form)  
mobile birthday events houston


T-Shirts for your event (Design may not be as shown).  Get a shirt for each attendee or just for the birthday person.  Sizes include  Youth Large and Adult: Small, Medium and Large.  $12 / Each


mobile birthday events houston

Private's Package

Private's Bundle: Includes one customized Dogtag and one T-Shirt for the Special Person person.  $15 (addtn'l shirts $12 each)  
mobile birthday events houston

Sergeant's Package

Sergeant's Bundle: Includes Birthday T-Shirt , and 12 customized dogtags. (Customized dogtags include the player's name on each tag)  Additional dogtags are $3 each.  $45. (addtn'l shirts $12 each). 
mobile birthday events houston

Captain's Package

Captain's Bundle: 12 - Battlefield T-Shirts.  Sizes from Youth: Small, Medium, Large and Adult: Small, Medium, Large.  $120 (addtn'l shirts $10 each)  
mobile birthday events houston

General's Package

General's Bundle: 12 customized dogtags (addt'l $3 each), 12 - Birthday T-Shirts.  $155 (addtn'l shirts and tag $13 each)


 Prices subject to change without notice.